Sunday, July 24, 2011

Latests craft projects!

Hi, everybody haven't been on here in alittle while still trying to figure it all out, But I have been crafting and work on my craft room so I will be putting a video on soon of what it looks like but here are my lastest projects. I went to the Marylin Monroe show starring sunny, she was truly amazing and I loved it! And also I got a wire shoe rack and clipped up stickers and emblishments.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

craft haul!

Well I havent been on here lately but I have been craft shopping and I have gotten great deals. First off I went to Joann's ( the place I can spend all day in) I got some sale scrap paper and a few ribbons, I also went to walmart and got a new card for the cricut, along with scrap paper. Then I went to big lots and I was very excitiend with all the scrapbooking and craft stuff they had I got stamps and three packs of scrapping paper and also a wide storage tupperware for all of my paper. Then my last stop was dollar tree I got more ribbon there some craft glue, superfine glitter, also embellishment storage.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cricut expression:)

I just got the cricut expression and I love it, if you don't have one I would definitely recommend it to any scrapper. I'm looking at different cartilages for it, ( I think that I am going to do my Godson's invites with it, which I am very excited about). Today I also got a couple new things for my craft room the first was a wire shelf for my embossing powders and the second was a wire basket in three parts so i put my hot tool, hot glue gun and little flat iron for ribbons in it.So this is my first post will get better with time:)